Guaranteed Approval at American Truck Group

Our Guaranteed Approval


You wanted to know if it is difficult to get our Guaranteed Approval.

Hear it from our customers themselves.

What is a Guaranteed Approval?

At American Truck Group, we provide a driver the opportunity to obtain a truck with absolutely no credit information needed. We do not run their credit. That is right. We do not perform a credit check or base their available limit of financing on their present income. On the flip side, we do not report their negligence should it happen. How do we let drivers with bad credit, no credit, overextended credit or limited credit obtain a truck although they may look unfinanceable on paper?

This is why we offer our Guaranteed Approval. It is a validation that secures your ability to get into our program.

This is the easiest approval program out there.

What means I am guaranteed?

Are you a safe driver?

Have you had steady employment in trucking?

Are you not currently in an active bankruptcy?

Are you at least 25years old with a minimum of 2years experience?

If you can say yes to all of the above, you meet the requirements of our
Approval process.

American Truck Group exists to put American owner-operators into a truck of their own. The trucking industry has become dominated by trucking companies who pay drivers only the minimum wages according to drive time. Drivers are starting to realize how much money they could make hauling if they went in business for themselves. With the economy in the current credit crunch it is in, It is nearly impossible to get financed the large amount of money needed to buy a semi truck. American Truck Group gives drivers a new alternative.

American Truck Group does not only sell you a truck! Not only are we are here to help you get started, we are also here to help you reach your goals and your destinations!

With two prime locations to serve you and we continue plans of expanding across the US-

We offer protection plans that will keep you rolling in the right direction.

30 Day Nationwide Power Protection Plan*

48 month 50/50 Power Protection Plan*

Waive payment if truck is in our shop over 8 hours*

American Truck Group is taking the initiative to help those who enter their program to be successful. Owning your own truck is a risky financial investment that should be planned out and prioritized to be successful at it.That is why we have established the American Dream program. Contact a sales rep today to find out more and make your dream of owning your own truck a reality!

*limited, in our shops only. We make the prorated payment to your bill if your truck stays in our shop over 8 hours.


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