Propane APU

As our commitment to providing innovations for the “American Driver”continues, we have select inventory 387 Peterbilt models, and 780 Volvo’s that are already equipped with APU units. Although they are not available on all units, we have a handful that will go out with new deliveries this month. To view our available inventory, you may visit our site at  The Propane APU is a propane powered APU to allow drivers to have greater fuel economy by powering the cab and heat&cool options with propane as opposed to the traditional units that require drivers to run the motor and burn more diesel.

The propane powered generator has extra safety features for encapsulating the propane tank, with a steel cage surrounding the open tank and  a door that swings open and latches back for easy removal for refills.  Propane is offered at many truck stops, and several will have the capability to refill the tank without you having to remove it at all. The heat and cooling unit is powered by a remote and can be set to automatic for a stable atmosphere in the cab. The Propane APU adds power to the inside and outside of your unit, with 2 110 volts available inside the cab for home electronics such as TV, computer, microwave, iron etc. and also has 2 100 volts available outside the cab for charging your battery or any other electrical needs. This gives your home on the road the luxuries of home without the high cost of running your engine to enjoy them.

The Propane APU propane unit was first introduced to the market place in  October of 2012, view our press release from here. Since then we have sold several units and drivers are in the comfort of home as they travel this very moment. We have filmed our first YouTube video on the product and are available to supply any demand for these units for any existing truck holders who do not already have such luxury but would like to upgrade their sleeper with this feature.

This unit is ran by a propane powered generator that me turned on from the inside or outside of the cab. The oil is easy to maintain with convenient placement on the outside of the generator. There is a fuse box also located on the outerbox of this unit.

The Propane APU exists to solve many of your comfort problems as a steadfast trucker. For those of you drivers out there who would like to take a truck with one of these units home with you today, please contact our staff by clicking here. Or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. or Check us out on webs.

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