The Propane APU second edition

American truck Group launches a second edition of the Propane APU propane auxiliary power unit. The second edition features a cab mounted generator for less vibration, A MotorSaver power supply shut down switch with easier access to the external electrical box, and a larger door for easy removal of propane tank from protection chamber. Cool, heat and power the inside and outside of your truck cab all with the low cost of propane.

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Danny explains generator maintenance and refueling the propane tank. From starting your generator to using the remote, Danny walks you through how to use this APU in this quick tutorial:

The Propane APU features a unique systems architecture that offers several advantages for truck drivers and owner-operators. The APU’s use of propane system reduces diesel usage and increases operational efficiency. Eliminating the use of the diesel semi engine for these functions results in a more efficient engine operation due to reduced overall truck level power requirements — the truck does not draw as much horsepower off the engine in cruise, so it doesn’t burn as much fuel. The corresponding predicted improvement in fuel consumption, at cruise conditions, is in the range of 1 to 2 percent.