American Truck Group | About

Based in Gulfport, Mississippi, the American Truck Group, LLC, serves truckers throughout the country. The company provides its customers with an extensive range of services, from repairs and wholesale parts to truck rental programs. As part of its mission to assist drivers, the American Truck Group reaches out to those who have encountered difficulties, offering a program enabling them to restart their careers. Through this program, even those with low credit ratings can obtain vehicles covered by the company’s protection plans.

The American Truck Group acts as a wholesale dealer for truck parts and ships throughout the continental U.S., collaborating with numerous partners to create a readily accessible chain of suppliers. As the largest distributor of Johnson Controls truck batteries, the company presents them under its own private label as the Military Magnum Series. SONY DSC

It stocks a wide selection of previously owned trucks for purchase, including Volvo, Freightliner, Kenworth, and Peterbilt models. The trucking company also manages a 16-bay shop in Gulfport, Miss. and an 8 bay shop in Newnan, Georgia suitable for simple maintenance and repairs, ranging from part replacement to engine rebuilds, as well as body work such as custom painting and frame straightening.

With facilities built on ecological principles, the American Truck Group supports awareness of environmental concerns. Its efforts include a recycling program for tires retreaded and resold, energy savings through the use of LED light panels, wetland preservation, and the only Green Truck Wash system in the United States. It also heads several initiatives to contribute to the community.

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