Reducing Truck Driver Fatigue Will Eventually Increase Costs for Consumers

Yes, the new rules of the road are designed to have a positive impact by reducing truck driver fatigue and improving driver safety. But are they designed to increase costs for consumers? No, not on the fore front anyway.
However, according to research conducted by the University of Tennessee’s Global Supply Chain Institute the new hours-of-service rules from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, which went into place July 1, lessens the maximum number of weekly driving hours from 82 to 70 and require a 30-minute rest break before the eighth hour on duty. This new rule could slow the transportation of products or force companies to add more truckers to the road, causing an eventual increase in their carrier rates. Carriers anticipate passing on the costs to their customers in the long term.

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The Propane APU second edition

American truck Group launches a second edition of the Propane APU propane auxiliary power unit. The second edition features a cab mounted generator for less vibration, A MotorSaver power supply shut down switch with easier access to the external electrical box, and a larger door for easy removal of propane tank from protection chamber. Cool, heat and power the inside and outside of your truck cab all with the low cost of propane.

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Danny explains generator maintenance and refueling the propane tank. From starting your generator to using the remote, Danny walks you through how to use this APU in this quick tutorial:

The Propane APU features a unique systems architecture that offers several advantages for truck drivers and owner-operators. The APU’s use of propane system reduces diesel usage and increases operational efficiency. Eliminating the use of the diesel semi engine for these functions results in a more efficient engine operation due to reduced overall truck level power requirements — the truck does not draw as much horsepower off the engine in cruise, so it doesn’t burn as much fuel. The corresponding predicted improvement in fuel consumption, at cruise conditions, is in the range of 1 to 2 percent.

The Tech Savvy Trucker

Do you consider yourself a tech savvy driver? Are you a part of the mobile revolution? Chances are, if you aren’t up to date with the newest apps and resources at your fingertips, you might be left in the dust.  Check out 10 must haves for your mobile device whether you own an android or iphone or a tablet.  If you already use some of these apps or devices, feel free to leave comments on your thoughts about them.

#1. Overdrive’s Trucker Tools App

iphone versionandroid version

  • *List of truck stops
  • *Real Time Fuel Prices
  • *Search parking, showers, 24 hour venues
  • *Search by name, city or highway
  • *CAT scales, bulk diesel exhaust, fluid, Transflo and Tripak
  • *Transflo- track a load and keep customers up to date on delivery
  • *Plan Route- turn by turn directions
  • *More- connect with other drivers, find Walmarts, rest areas, scales, truck wash, get current weather

#2. My DAT Trucker Services App

iphone versionandroid version

  • *Find nearby Truck Stops
  • *diesel prices
  • *Walmart
  • *Rest Stops
  • *scales
  • *DAT loads

#3. Trucker Path App by Geotrucker

iphone versionandroid version

  • Weight station/Truck Stop details: address, phone #, directions, amenities & information, user reviews, weather
  • *TricPac pick up times
  • *bulk DEF available
  • *Service Dealers and Tank Cleaning
  • *Low Clearence bridges
  • #4. Truckers Helper
  • *requires a valid trucker’s helper online subscription.

#5. Drivers Daily Log App

iphone versionandroid version

  • *only first 30 pages are free
  • *Replacement for the paper logbook used by commercial vehicle drivers.
  • *location can be turned on or off for recording during making an entry.

#6. Big Road Free Trucker Log Books App

iphone versionandroid version

  • *Daily driver logs, E-logs: for accuracy and avoid miscalculation
  • *US FMCSA DOT & Canadian HOS rules (including Alaska) property and passenger carrying rules
  • *Protect CSA score, CSA 2010, PSP score
  • *Create vehicle inspection reports (DVIR/PTI)
  • *Trucker tools for weigh scales, truck stops, dealer locations
  • *GPS with real time traffic (avoid delays)
  • *Automatic location, status & paperwork for use with BigRoad Fleet web app
  • *Automatic tracking of service hours & calculator. Automate DOT log audit procedures
  • * In-app two way messaging: messaging dispatch and other drivers.

#7. Recap App

iphone versionandroid version

  • *Hours of Service Daily Drivers Log Recap Calculator app
  • * Calculates the recap section based on the ON DUTY hours entered

#9. Uship Mobile App

iphone versionandroid version

  • * Find shipments near you to keep your trucks full
  • * Ask and answer questions
  • * Place bids and book shipments
  • * View your active bids
  • * View customer information and other details for booked shipments
  • * View your booked and completed shipments
  • * Receive online payments

#10. Calorie Counter App

iphone versionandroid version

  • *food quick pick
  • *food diary
  • *exercise dairy
  • *weight chart
  • *journal

#10. AirPrinters (external devices for printing via wifi from phone or tablet)